Instagram Users by Country (2024)

As we delve into the vibrant world of Instagram in 2024, a rich tapestry of statistics reveals how the platform has woven itself into the fabric of various societies worldwide. 

This snapshot provides insight into instagram users by country and which ones are leading the charge in embracing Instagram’s social connectivity.

Instagram Users 2024

  1. India: At the forefront with a staggering 362.90 million users, India’s engagement with Instagram showcases the app’s integration into daily life and entertainment.
  1. United States: With 169.65 million users, the U.S. continues to be a significant market for Instagram, highlighting its steady popularity across a diverse demographic.
  1. Brazil: A hotspot for social media, Brazil’s 134.60 million users illustrate the country’s love for vibrant online interaction and visual content.
  1. Indonesia: Marking a centennial milestone, Indonesia’s presence is strong with 100.90 million users embracing the platform’s visual storytelling.
  1. Turkey: With 57.10 million users, Turkey’s Instagram community thrives, highlighting the app’s role in both commerce and social networking.
  1. Japan: Close on Turkey’s heels, Japan has 55.45 million users, integrating Instagram’s aesthetics into its rich culture of visual artistry.
  1. Mexico: A social staple for 44.85 million users, Mexico’s Instagram usage underscores the platform’s reach across North and South American continents.
  1. United Kingdom: At 33.10 million users, the UK’s engagement with Instagram remains robust, mirroring its citizens’ affinity for trend-setting and global connectivity.
  1. Germany: With a user base of 30.35 million, Germany shows a strong and growing interest in the platform’s features and influencer culture.
  1. Argentina: Argentina’s 27.85 million users represent a passionate segment of South America’s social media enthusiasts.

Moving beyond the top ten, the list continues to capture Instagram’s global penetration:

  1. Italy stands with 27 million,
  2. France follows at 25.90 million,
  3. Spain with 23.95 million,
  4. South Korea at 23.40 million showcases its high-tech society’s engagement,
  5. Philippines with 21.35 million users,
  6. Colombia at 20.05 million,
  7. Canada follows closely with 19.25 million,
  8. Thailand shows a strong user base of 18.75 million,
  9. Iraq has 18.25 million, and
  10. Egypt rounds up the list with 18.15 million users.

How many Instagram users are in India? 

In sum, Instagram’s reach as of 2024 underscores a dominant trend in digital interaction and networking. 

The platform has shown remarkable adaptability and continued growth, connecting people across continents and cultures. 

India’s massive lead of 362.90 million users is particularly noteworthy, mirroring the country’s rapid digital expansion and young demographic’s appetite for social media. 

Whether for personal expression, business engagement, or cultural exchange, Instagram’s pervasive presence in these top 20 countries is a clear indicator of its integral role in today’s global digital ecosystem.

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