How many people use YouTube? (2020-2029)

YouTube has steadily become a cornerstone of digital life for millions around the world, but, in reality, how many people use YouTube? 

Let’s dive into the data that showcases the platform’s incredible growth over the last ten years.

How many users does YouTube have? 

These figures aren’t just numbers—they represent an aggregate of average monthly active users, drawn from a myriad of sources, including company filings, press materials, app downloads, and traffic data. 

This method of estimation gives us a holistic view of YouTube’s undeniable footprint in the digital landscape.

How many users does YouTube have

2020: 608.64 million users. As the world faced unprecedented times, YouTube became a hub for connection and entertainment, starting the decade with a strong user base.

2021: 709.10 million users. With a year-over-year increase, YouTube’s role in our daily lives became more evident, reflecting a growing need for digital content.

2022: 785.39 million users. This year’s growth highlighted the platform’s adaptability and the expanding diversity of its content.

2023: 868.40 million users. As the platform evolved, so did its audience, indicating a solidified place in mainstream media consumption.

2024: 933.39 million users. Approaching the billion mark, YouTube’s growth didn’t slow, signaling its vast reach across the globe.

2025: 996.40 million users. Just shy of a billion, YouTube’s user base this year is a testament to its universal appeal.

2026: 1.04 trillion users. Surpassing the billion-user milestone, YouTube proved its longevity and influence on global culture.

2027: 1.09 trillion users. Steady growth continued, showcasing YouTube’s role not just as a platform but as a staple in people’s daily routines.

2028: 1.13 trillion users. The climb continued, indicating the platform’s resilience and the public’s insatiable appetite for video content.

2029: 1.16 trillion users. Forecasted to reach a new zenith, the platform’s growth trajectory shows no signs of plateauing.

Growth of Youtube Users from 2020 – 2029

From 2024 to 2029, YouTube is expected to see an increase of 232.5 million users, marking an impressive 24.91 percent growth. 

This upward trend is not just a spike; it’s the ninth consecutive year of user base expansion. By the end of 2029, YouTube is estimated to soar to an all-time high of 1.2 billion users worldwide.

What’s clear from this data is YouTube’s position as a dominant force in the media world, continuously growing and adapting to meet the demands of its diverse, global audience. 

As we look to the future, one thing is certain: YouTube will remain at the forefront of digital content consumption, shaping how we view and interact with the world around us.

Source Credit: The figures and information presented in this piece are derived from reputable organizations such as Statista, Insider Intelligence, Data Reportal, and These entities are renowned for providing precise and dependable data, contributing to the credibility of the content we share.

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