Black Friday 2019 at Doofinder: A 138% Increase in E-commerce Searches

After a week of surge in online traffic, searches, and sales, another Black Friday campaign has come to an end.  Once Cyber ​​Monday was over, here at Doofinder our technical and marketing teams met to put together a study and infographic on the search behaviour of those users who visited and searched our esteemed customers’ online stores.
Some interesting data:

Top Searches over the Black Friday Weekend 

Technology products generated the most searches, with the iPhone in the lead, followed by televisions, dishwashers, and microwaves. The category of cosmetics and perfumes also generated a significant volume of searches.

Searches Performed

Our servers received more than nine million searches, with an increase of 138% compared to a normal day. Typically, the ratio of searches on Black Friday to searches on a normal day is very similar, so the total traffic (data that we do not have access to in detail) will have risen measurably.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our technical team who worked to offer top-notch 100% service availability to a peak of over 50 million requests in a single day.

Hours and Minutes with the Most Searches 

The peak was between 11:00am – 12:00am and the minute with the highest volume was 11:20am with 10,799 searches.

Desktop vs Mobile Searches

37% of Black Friday searches were performed from mobile devices compared to 63% from a desktop or laptop.
In the infographic, we can see that between 06:00 and 08:00 and after 20:00, the percentage of mobile device usage was much higher.
In light of this data, combined with previous figures, we can deduce that the vast majority of searches and purchases on Black Friday were carried out during office hours and from desktop devices.

Black Friday Conversion Rates

A very interesting piece of data: not only did traffic and searches in e-commerce increase, but the conversion rate was more than twice what we normally see. We registered an average increase of 115% in the conversion rate among users who performed at least one search.

¿Black Friday or Black Week?

Friday the 29th was the day with the highest volume of searches, followed by Thursday and Cyber ​​Monday. On the whole, however, there was a high volume on each day of what has come to be known as “Black Week”.
Many of our clients are giving us positive feedback on the campaign and compared to the previous campaign, there has been a 10% rise in searches.
According to Cecotec, a company that specialises in small appliances and is a Doofinder merchant, the data from Black Week on the official website points to a doubling in sales compared to Black Friday 2018. Its star products, Conga and Mambo, were hugely successful in the Amazon marketplace.
We leave you here with the infographic and encourage you to share it with whomever may find it interesting.

Here you can download the infographic in high resolution.