Freshly Cosmetics, the Case Study of an eCommerce that makes an impact in the beauty & cosmetics industry

Freshly Cosmetics is a natural beauty and care eCommerce, founded in Spain in 2016, whose vision and mission has revolutionized the online cosmetics sector.

Their products for face, body and hair are an example of sustainability. Committed to environmental impact, they have become a benchmark brand for consumers, transformative and unique. 

With more than 200 employees, in 2021 they have broadened the horizon of their business to other countries, opening their first physical shop outside Spain, specifically in London. 

At Doofinder, and in collaboration with the brand, we have analyzed their eCommerce as a success story, obtaining very interesting data that helps us understand the brand’s success

👉 Freshly Cosmetics online shop Case Study

Case Study Freshly Cosmetics


Doofinder’s real-time statistics offered us new opportunities. In our case, we have rethought the launch of new products thanks to them“. – Marc Rodríguez (Digital Product Manager)

The overall conversion rate of the Freshly Cosmetics search engine is around 20%. 

This is not the only surprising fact. Their eCommerce continues to grow, and in recent months the use of their Site Search has multiplied by 3 and their bounce rate has been reduced by 42%.

“We detected that the UX with the platform’s default search layer was not what we needed. Doofinder has given us the possibility, in an agile and simple way, to offer the results that the user expects to find when they are searching“. – Freshly Cosmetics digital product team

👉 Freshly Cosmetics increases visits and searches on its eCommerce

Nearly 70% of all eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices and Freshly Cosmetics confirms this. 

68% of searches on their eCommerce, in the last month, were made from mobile devices and 32% were from a computer. 

For this reason, at Doofinder we helped them boost the data they already had, offering them a 100% responsive design that allows their customers a perfect search experience. In addition, their “Custom Search” layer has a unique design that respects their look & feel and the core essence that makes them unique, while giving them the best search technology.

It is also worth highlighting the 47% increase in page views, compared to the old search engine that their online shop had, as now users’ searches are getting better results.

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At this point, you may be wondering… What advantages does Doofinder offer for my eCommerce? Well, here are some of them:

  • It allows your customers to instantly find the products they are looking for
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  • Installation in less than 5 minutes and no code required

Freshly Cosmetics has managed to improve the overall conversion rate of their search engine thanks to Doofinder. Find out how our search technology can help you boost your eCommerce too.

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