Discover a new way to search with Doofinder Visual Search

Today we want to introduce you to a brand new trend in the eCommerce sector! 

Visual search. It has changed the way we search, it’s here to stay, so at Doofinder we have implemented this into our solution.

So, what is Visual search?

It’s a new way of searching, a way of searching for products on a website using images.  

A user is able to upload an image to your website’s search as opposed to the traditional way of typing…

With just a simple image, you can perform the same search (in some cases even more precise) instead of typing in the search. You can take a photo as soon as you start your search or you can upload an image that you already have saved on your device.

It is a practical functionality designed for mobile devices.

This new functionality is originally intended for industries, such as fashion, as it is often difficult to find products through written language.

As the saying goes, a picture paints one thousand words. 😉

You can see in the video at the beginning of the post, that Doofinder perfectly recognizes the garments that we uploaded to the search engine and offers relevant results matching the search.

Doofinder recognizes the shape and colours of the image. It then references them with the product catalogue you have in your search engine in order to find the ones matching the image that has been uploaded.

One advantage of the visual search is that it maintains the same loading speed of the product results from your search engine than a written search.

So, do you want to implement visual search in your eCommerce?

There is no point waiting around, get in touch with us today and get this implemented on your search.

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