WooCommerce Plugins: The 10+1 best plugins to increase sales in your online store


OK, let me guess…
You own an online shop with WooCommerce and all the available plugins are driving you crazy. There are tons of them and you have no idea which of them are the best to sell more.
And, of course, trying all of them out would take you more time than you’ll ever have. So what can you do?
Read this post to find our selection of the best plugins for WooCommerce in 2020.
“A silver platter of plugins”, one could say. 😉

The 10 best plugins for WooCommerce (+ a very special one)

WooCommerce itself (along with WordPress) is a very comprehensive plugin for creating online stores.
It allows you to set up:

  • Payment methods.
  • Shipping costs (or free shipping).
  • Coupons and discounts.
  • Individual characteristics for each product (for example, color or size). 

Plus, it generates inventory and stock reports for you.
All these features allow you to create quite the robust and respectable shop.
But if you want to go a step further by giving your business’ website more functionalities, there are endless plugins you can use.
The ones on the list below are some of the most useful plugins for any WooCommerce shop.
IMPORTANT: While some have paid versions, most of them allow you to use the basic features in their free version. 😉
Notepads ready!

✅ 0. Bonus Track: Turn your website’s search engine into a selling machine with Doofinder

dashboard doofinder 1024x4132 1

When your customers want a specific product, most of them use the search engine in your online store.
However, it would certainly be worth having a smart search engine that could show your users exactly what they were looking for, don’t you think? 😉

  • You sell more of what you want to sell: You can decide which products are displayed in each search to give more visibility to those products that you’re most interested in selling. 
  • It understands what your clients are after: Most search engines need the exact terms for a search to work. If a shopper searches for “smartphone” on your website but you called it “cellphone”, he or she won’t find what they’re looking for. This won’t happen if you use Doofinder because it allows you to include the most common synonyms for each and every search.
  • Your clients will find everything faster: It features different filters within each category (price, size, color, etc.) so your users can quickly find what they’re after.
  • Increase your average checkout price: You can add banners with offers to the result list. For example, if they’re looking for an iPhone X, you can include a discount on phone cases to boost the order value.

In sum, Doofinder Product Search for Woocommerce increases your sales by offering your clients what they’re looking for – quicker and easier.
If we still haven’t convinced you, remember you can always try it free for the first 30 days. 😉

✅ 1. WooCommerce customizer: Customize the buttons in your online store

woocommerce wordpress
Let’s start with the basics – making changes to your e-commerce shop’s look without dealing with any code
This WooCommerce plugin allows you to adjust the text on the secondary elements of your online shop quickly and easily.
For example, product labels and “buy” buttons.
One of its biggest advantages is that you can customize the “Add to cart” button for products with different variables or that may not be in stock at the moment.
For example, if you have an online clothes shop, your customers will be able to choose the size and color of an item before buying it. In that case, you could change “Add to cart” to “Choose your size”.
It’s really handy for making small adjustments and measuring their impact on conversions.

✅ 2. YITH WooCommerce Compare: Help your customers choose between two similar products

plugins woocommerce
Have you ever been torn between two similar products?
I bet you have – and more than once.
And if you have a large catalog of items, your clients will surely feel that way too.
In situations like this, being able to compare the characteristics of both products side by side would help you figure out which one best suits your needs.
And that’s precisely what YITH WooCommerce Compare brings to the table.
This plugin adds a “Compare” button to all the items in your store.
Thus, when your clients have to choose between two similar products, they can compare their respective characteristics in an easy-to-digest table format.
Even though it has a premium version, the free version includes all the functionalities you need.

✅ 3. WooCommerce PDF invoices & packing slips: Automate receipts

plugin woocommerce
PDF Invoices creates all receipts automatically and sends them directly to your customer’s email inbox.
This plugin features several templates you can customize as needed. For example, you can insert your shop’s logo into the header of all your documents.
It also sequences your documents and assigns a specific number to each one. By doing so, you won’t be scolded by your accountant when tax season comes along! 😉
Even though it has an English name, the plugin’s interface is translated into other languages (including Spanish).

✅ 4. YITH WooCommerce Waiting List: Capture clients when you’re out of stock

woocommerce plugin
Being out of stock at any given time can lead to lost sales. 
As you can imagine, very few clients will be willing to pay for a product if they don’t know the delivery date. That’s why this plugin can help you secure those potential sales.
This plugin lets your clients add themselves to a waiting list when a product is out of stock.
After it’s been restocked, the plugin sends them a notification saying it’s available again.
Also, the “join waiting list” button is automatically displayed when a product is out of stock. 

✅ 5. TI WooCommerce Wishlist: Foster client loyalty with wish lists 

wordpress woocommerce
Sometimes, a user that visits your page for the first time spots an item that interests them but, for whatever reason, he or she can’t buy it at that moment or is still unsure.
If you’re lucky, your page will be saved to their bookmarks, but you shouldn’t rely on luck alone. 😉
WooCommerce Wishlist allows your online store’s users to create wish lists, that is, to keep a list of products they like for future purchases.
With this tool, clients are much more likely to buy in your shop in the future (although you can always remind them you’re there with an email marketing strategy).
Want to know the best thing about it?
With this plugin, users can share their wish lists with friends, which increases your chances of new sales.

✅ 6. WooCommerce Smart Sale Badge: Strengthen your discounts

By default, WooCommerce allows you to add icons to your products to signal a discount.
The problem is that these icons only contain the word “Offer”.
With Smart Sale Badge, that text automatically changes to let clients know just how much they’re saving with the offer.
For example, if you have a sweater for €30 and apply a 50% discount, the user will see a “Save €15!” notice.
This kind of message is much more appealing to any potential customer and can help you improve your conversion rate.
The only little disadvantage of this plugin is that the text is in English by default and it can’t be customized. If you want to translate it into another language, you’ll have to use some other translation plugin, such as Loco Translate.
That said, it is indeed a worthwhile plugin considering it can help you get more clients, right? 😉

✅ 7. Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce: Recover abandoned shopping carts

You already know abandoned carts can make you lose up to 75% of your potential e-commerce sales. In these cases, you can use Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce, a plugin that allows you to get those users back with an automated email
As its creators remark, an appropriate email can help you recover up to 20-25% of those unfinished transactions. 
Abandoned Cart is available in two versions:

  1. Free: It only sends emails that serve as reminders.
  2. Paid: It also includes pop-ups and customized offers.

We can safely say that the free version includes all the features you need to recover those abandoned carts.

✅ 8. Monster Insights: Keep your e-commerce performance data accessible

plugins woocommerce wordpress
The greatest advantage of this plugin compared to its competitors is that it allows you to sync your Google Analytics account in just a few clicks.
So forget about searching for those awful Tracking IDs. 😉
The free version includes basic stats, like:

  • Number of visits
  • Device-based breakdown
  • Your clients’ demographic profile
  • Action tracking (file downloads, for example)

The pro version features other functionalities, such as including data from Google Search Console and form conversion rates, among others.

✅ 9. Beeketing for WooCommerce: Increase conversions in your online store every step of the way

plugins ventas woocommerce
If you’re going to add a single plugin to your WooCommerce shop, this must be the one.
Beeketing offers you many options to actually turn your visitors into real clients.
To name just a couple of them:

  • Create customized discounts to encourage new users to buy.
  • Add warnings to products nearly out of stock.

But its best feature might be how it encourages cross-selling and up-selling (that is to say, having the customer add complementary items or more expensive products than what they were already buying).
Besides, it includes other functions to recover abandoned shopping carts, which is pretty sweet.

✅ 10. Discount Manage for Products: Customize the discounts for your orders

plugin tienda woocommerce
This plugin allows you to apply specific discounts depending on the size of the order.
For example, you can set a 5% discount for the purchase of 10 identical products and increase it to 10% for 20 products.
You can also make adjustments to that offer to make it compatible (or not) with a coupon.
The discount is displayed next to the selected amount in the payment gateway to encourage the customer to make the purchase. 😉

Increase your sales with these plugins for WooCommerce

This list serves to provide you with several plugins to improve the user experience of your WooComerce shop.
Remember: You don’t have to install them all – choose only those that best fit your needs.
Give these plugins a shot and see for yourself how your orders start to increase. 😉