How much do you spend per year on SEO, advertising or generating content?

Surely a lot. You just want a lot of potential customers to come to your store.
  • ✓ If users land on your e-commerce and they get lost or do not find what they’re looking for in 2 clicks… they give up.
  • ✓ That’s why we at Doofinder have created this guide about how to use a search engine to get all those potential customers buying from your online store and not from the competitors.

What to Expect from this eBook

Have you ever wondered why many of your visitors don’t become customers? This eBook reveals how an advanced internal search engine can be the key to boosting your conversion rate. Learn how to optimize your eCommerce site with effective techniques that improve user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and most importantly, boost your sales. Discover the secrets to converting potential customers into loyal buyers with a search engine that understands their needs.

Short Summary

In this eBook, you will understand why having an advanced search engine in your online store is essential to increase your sales by up to 20%. We explore the features that a good search engine should have, such as artificial intelligence to understand synonyms and typos, the ability to suggest related products, and response speed comparable to Google. Plus, you’ll discover additional tricks to maximize conversion, such as using search filters, design optimization, and the importance of usability.


  • Introduction
  • My Website Already Has a Search Engine… Is It Worth Integrating an Advanced Search Engine?
  • Features of an Advanced Search Engine That You Might Not Expect
  • Extra Tricks to Boost the Conversion of Your Store When Using the Search Engine
  • Do You Want to Try a Search Engine That Allows You to Do Everything We Have Explained to You?

With this guide, you will learn how an internal search engine can revolutionize your eCommerce, improve the user experience, and increase your revenue. Get started today and take your online store to the next level!