Enhances the visual appeal of your store online


Did you know that according to a study by the Institute for Color Research , the vast majority of consumers decide which product to buy in less than 90 seconds ? Did you also know that colors can increase by nearly 80% the recognition of a brand? These are just some of the reasons why you can not afford mistakes in the visual field of your e-commerce. Learn how to get the most out of your business enhancing aspects such as color, typography or orientation of the products.
One of the easiest ways to get a visitor to become a customer is making their experience on your site something nice and simple . This requires that your web keeps their interest from the moment in which they land on it. Do you want to know how you can do it? Follow these tips:

1.- Choose a “comfortable” design

Sure you’ve entered more than once in a cluttered web page, where the menu is hidden, which makes it very difficult to find what you’re looking for … This is the worse mistake you can make. To help your potential customers, place the menu in a visible place , organize your products into logical categories , include a to streamline their purchases and choose the way in which the user can navigate through your site, including effects such as:

  • Parallax : This is a type of flat multi animation , in which the last layer moves slower than the foreground, creating a very visual and attractive speed effect . This can be very useful if your online store is within sectors such as retail or cosmetics.
  • Hover : the hover scroll allows a much more interactive navigation as when you slide the pointer over the selected elements, they give an immediate response without clicking.

2.- Adopt the colors of your web carefully

One of the aspects that must be taken care of in designing an e-commerce is the palette color to be used, as this can enhance or ruin everything else. Maintaining the range of colors chosen for your brand, you should note that:

  • Colors like red, orange or yellow are used for action calls and you should not abuse of them to not saturate the view. Employ them to highlight promotions or for purchase buttons and avoid mixing with colder colors like green, blue or purple.
  • Green and blue are calmer and transmit tranquility and are relaxation colors , so you should not use them if your online store is related to products like food or sports.
  • Black and white are mostly used in stores that sell luxury products such as cosmetics or perfumes.

3.- Use a typography according to what you sell

If the colors are a determining factor for a online business to work, typography isn’t less important: the font chosen communicates much or more as what you write . Thus, some of the fonts most used are :

  • Sans Serif: fonts like Verdana and Helvetica are a sure hit. It is a kind of traditional, elegant and very legible font . Use it for descriptions of your products and, in general, for the bodies of text that you create on your page.
  • For call-to-act, you can use a more creative type of letter , like the Grand Hotel or the Hurricane.

However, choosing the right kind of source is not everything. Use the interlineations correctly, the font size and do not reuse an unlimited number of fonts: limit yourself to two or three well used.

4.- Employ high quality images

It seems obvious right?, but unfortunately we can still find online shops trying to sell their products through images with little quality, with insufficient size or with a more than improvable composition. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid failures because you only need to spend a little effort and time. Before taking pictures like crazy, you need to think what you want to convey to them what message they want to transmit to those who look at it and, once established, just think about the composition and the way to make that message arrive. Create clear images, without too many elements, with appropriate light and products that will sell themselves. And if you want to create photographs to “decorate” or be used as a background to your store, follow the same guidelines: seek quality, refined composition (nowadays we all know visual rules like the three thirds and the look behavior) and your website will be much more attractive.

5.- Be consistent

But, what do these elements matter if they do not complement each other? Before reviewing the colors, typography and before choosing the most appropriate images you need to think about the final look you want your business to have , and in the feelings you want to transmit to choose properly all these components. Photographs, colors, letters, the arrangement of the elements … all must lead to the same message and not contradict each other.

Your online store will never be the same

Now that you know what elements can help you capture the attention of users who visit you, you just have to adapt them to your business and wait for the results.