How to use video marketing in your online shop to duplicate your sales and foster client loyalty

What would you think if we told you that there was a strategy that can increase the traffic to your website, capture more leads, and improve your brand’s image?

Indeed, all in one. Do you think it’s impossible?

That’s right, all in one. Seem impossible?

It may sound surprising but there is a technique that does all that. We are talking about video marketing, about using videos to promote your products.

Even if it sounds surprising, this technique does exist. We are talking about video marketing, using videos to promote your shop’s products.

Today at Doofinder we will show you all of the advantages of this format and how you can use it to increase your sales.

Let´s go.

What is video marketing?

Video Marketing (or marketing through video) is just the the use of videos to promote your business’ products and services.

Explained like that, the truth is it doesn’t sound all that surprising.

However, let us show you some data that appeared in this Adelie Studios Report. Surely your view of the topic  it will change after reading it. 😉

  1. Using videos can increase your organic traffic by 157%.
  2. 74% of millennials stated that watching a video helps them decide when buying something.
  3. It is estimated that consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Can you see its potential now?

Well, get ready because we haven’t even started digging into it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using videos for your online shop

As with any other marketing strategy, there is a good and a bad side to it. Let’s see the pros and cons about creating videos for your e-commerce.


  1. SEO: you’ve read it before, visits coming from the search engine can rise by up to 157%. Why? Basically, because Google loves videos (we already know about its romance with YouTube) and it reduces the bounce rate.
  2. Content Marketing: besides helping the positioning of your posts, videos will also make your articles more attractive.
  3. Virality: native videos on Facebook have a 10 times higher organic reach. Just go to your account for a second and have a look at how many videos there are. Several, right? It’s the same for all the social networks.
  4. Branding: videos make your brand look professional and transparent — two of the main qualities a business needs to gain clients.
  5. Emotional connection: brands that create an emotional link with clients are more appreciated and foster more trust. If you combine videos with storytelling you will have a real knockout strategy.
  6. Conversion rate: a landing page can convert up to 80% more when it includes a video. There is nothing else to say, is there?
  7. Animation: talking about video marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be you in the videos. You can create animated videos that also work well.
  8. CTR in email marketing: according to Hubspot, email conversion can rise up to 30% when including a video.
  9. Sales: all of the points mentioned before lead to an increase in sales by themselves. But, as you saw before, they are also key to giving clients that final push to make a purchase.


  1. Fear: one of the main disadvantages is fear. Many people are scared of standing in front of a camera and recording themselves (although this has a very easy solution: forget about your fears and start filming!)
  2. Cost: you need a camera with at least HD quality (most smartphones already have it) and some editing software (there are free ones suchs as Filmora and Windows Movie Maker)
  3. Technical knowledge: especially for editing. Besides learning how to use the software, you will have to know how to use transitions and how to add rhythm to the video.

As you can see, in this analysis of pros and cons, the advantages are obviously the winner.

How to use videos in your online shop to increase your sales

Now that it is clear that video marketing is a more than just an interesting strategy, we will show you several ways to use it.

Get your camera ready and, action!

1. Products cards

Products cards are one of your best weapons for selling. You have to state all of the product’s benefits on them so that clients understand that this is the product they need to solve their problems.

However, sometimes it is not that easy. There are products that are difficult to explain and even when posting loads of pictures it seems impossible to show their potential.

If this is the case, why don’t you create a video in which clients can see the product in action?

This way, you will resolve all of their doubts and you will entice the buying process.

Another good strategy to increase the average check out price is using cross-selling and adding a video in which the product appears with another related one.

This way, there will be a better chance that clients buy two products instead of just one.

Do you want to learn more about how to create your product card?

Then, we suggest you read this post about copywriting and this other one about how to take the best pictures of your product.

2. The “Who We Are” or “About Us”

One of the most decisive factors when it comes to selling online is trust. Even when clients are really interested in the product, they won’t buy if the the shop doesn’t transmit confidence.

That is why the pages such as “Who We Are” or “About Us” are so important.

Whenever clients visit a website that they are interested in, they go to these pages to see who is behind them. It is not just a matter of curiosity, but they are trying to verify whether the shop is a serious one or not.

And you will even have more probabilities of selling if you you can make them feel sympathy.

Video plays a very interesting role when trying to generate trust because it allows you to show:

  • Your facilities
  • Your team
  • How you produce your products
  • How you package your products
  • And more!

Giving all that information will allow clients to empathize with your brand’s values. And what’s even better, to see how transparent you are.

3. Squeeze page

A squeeze page is a special landing page whose goal is to gain subscribers. It is normally used to offer users a lead magnet to get their email addresses.

In this way we can start an email marketing strategy to convert all of those people into clients. Getting subscribers is so important that people normally say: “the money is in the list”.

When adding a video to a squeeze page, not only will you better explain what your lead magnet proposal is, but you will also vastly increase conversion (remember that, as we saw before, it can increase up to 80%).

4. Streaming on social networks

Streaming consists of showing videos in real-time on your social networks. You can’t see how that could be useful for your shop?

Let us give you some ideas:

  • Backstage: go live, show them your facilities and how you work. In addition to seeing the inside part of your shop, you will add the attractiveness of immediacy. These kinds of actions foster your clients’ loyalty.
  • Show your products: in the same way that you can add a video to your product’s card to show how it works, you can go live to show your followers how to use it.
  • FAQ: offer your followers the opportunity to ask you any questions they have about the products. This almost always leads to new sales.
  • Events/fairs: if you go to this type of event, don’t miss the opportunity to go live and show your followers what’s going on there.

Again, keep in mind that appearing on a video is a great opportunity to foster your clients’ loyalty.

5. Play with unboxing

This is not just about you recording videos, but rather about getting other people who buy your product to record them.

Unboxing is when people record a video as they unpack the product they have bought. This may sound quite simple, but it has turned into a real phenomena.

For example, in the toys sector, there are channels that have millions of fans (the Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys channel has more than 9 million subscribers).

If you pack your products in a special way, entice your clients to create unboxing videos in exchange for a discount or a special offer.

If you go viral, please tell us! 😉

6. Create more attractive content

Videos are the ideal extra to make your content strategy much more attractive.

Here you have some ideas about what kind of videos you can create:

  • Tutorials: create videos of all kinds to help viewers better understand your product’s potential.
  • Tricks: show how they can use them better. For example, if you sell clothes, you can record a video showing your clients how to combine them.
  • Technical issues: if your technical service is always receiving the same questions, you can show your clients how to solve them by themselves.

Plus, by using videos, your content will be better positioned in Google, so you will be generating more traffic.

Do you dare to start using video marketing for your online shop?

Now that you know all the advantages of creating videos for your e-commerce, there’s no doubt that you already have your camera ready to record.

Do you know the best part?

There are only a few shops that are using this technique. Take advantage!