5 marketing strategies for your E-commerce that you surely don’t know

Do you think you have already discovered all the different ways of e-commerce marketing that exist? Are you tired of reading the same sales techniques for your store again and again? Though you may believe everything is made up, here at Doofinder we are convinced that we are going to surprise you with this article. In this post we bring you 5 unknown strategies that will help you increase your visibility and your shop’s sales starting today. Are you convinced that you already know them all or are you going to have a look? 😉

1. Product storytelling

Storytelling is about telling a story . It’s as simple as that. It’s huge potential stems from how much easier it becomes to establish an emotional connection with the reader. Thanks to stories, we can better transmit our values as a brand. So, why not use storytelling as a business strategy in your e-commerce Whatever product you may sell, surely there are some great stories behind it. Who designed it, how it was manufactured, or the origin of its materials could be great tales that share a lot about your product. Yet there is one that we highlight above the rest: the story of a client using your product: you don’t sell a t-shirt, sell the t-shirt that you can wear on a night at the beach around a campfire. Make your client imagine your product in a story setting and you’ll see how the purchase button gets pressed much more often.

2. Gamification: foster loyalty by playing

What better plan could there be than increasing your visibility at the same time that your users have a great time? That is exactly what gamification is for. This slightly strange name refers to creating games with your clients . If the person person completes a certain action, they win points that will be converted into rewards. A user can earn stars if they write a comment, watch a video, participate in a debate, or share a product on social media. The options are limitless. In exchange, they could receive discounts, gifts, special promotions, free shipping, etc. This is not only a sales strategy for your shop, but it also fosters client loyalty , increases traffic, and improves your positioning in search engines. Practically nothing.

3. Maintenance mode or how to sell before having your e-commerce

Yes, before having your online shop you can already make sales! Even if your business still needs some time before launching into the market, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of this time period. With this launch strategy you are going to be able to capture subscribers from the very first moment. And how can you do that? You just have to create a page within your website that specifies that the shop is under construction and when its launch date is. It is also very important that you include a subscription form. While the visitors view your page, you can continue working on your site without and problems. This system is called maintenance mode and there are specific plugins to help you do it more easily. If you couple this with a special discount for everyone who subscribes before the launch, you’ll have your first sales made.

4. Optimize the checkout

Did you know that 6 out of every 10 users abandon the sale during the checkout process? Although at a glance it doesn’t seem like the page is very important, in the end it can be decisive in the sales process. In your marketing strategy you have to have a clear maximum: every new click that the client has to make is an opportunity for them to regret the sale. Good proof of that is Amazon’s “1 Click” ordering system. Simplifying your shopping cart page will help you do avoid possible indecision or doubts that the client might have.

5. Q&A sessions on social networks

Many times we are not aware of the possibilities that social media brings us in terms of interacting with our community. A very simple action, but efficient at the same time when it comes to increasing visibility, is holding a questions and answers session on social networks. This action consists of setting a time and date in which all of the questions that users might have about a product or the brand will be answered. With such a simple little job you will be promoting your brand and fostering loyalty among your target audience . It’s none other than another way to add value.

Now be honest, did you really know all of these techniques?

We do have to admit that you’ve set the bar quite hit when it comes to looking for new promotion strategies to strengthen your business. Were we able to surprise you with the ideas that we have proposed? Well… perhaps it’s you who now has some sales secret to reveal to us? We’ll wait for you in the comments section below!