BF 2021: searches decrease on 26N due to the stretching of the “Black Week”

Once again, December starts and Black Friday comes to an end, so it’s a great  time to analyze and draw conclusions with the data this campaign left us. Covid-19 increase, the global supply chain crisis that increases prices… Has this Black Friday met our expectations? 

We’ve analyzed data of our 6.000 customers, eCommerce from different sectors all over the world,  to try to understand trends and changes in customer behaviour. And you can find the resume in this infographic:

Some interesting data 

Most searched products during Black Friday 2021

As in previous years, fashion, accessories and consumer electronics continue to be undisputed protagonists in this discount season. So the shops focused on fashion and technology captured the attention of customers as well as a large part of online sales. 

But other products such as toys, beauty and cosmetics, sports or home, have also had a leading role in this campaign, as people resume their social life and go out more, these businesses are starting to see a recovery in sales.

Three products stand out from the rest: Robot vacuum cleaner, anti age Sérum and air fryers, all of which are at the forefront of consumer purchasing trends and preferences.

Searches performed 

During Black Friday, the 26th of  November, Doofinder’s servers received more than 93.9 million requests, which means an increase of 53.2% compared to a normal day. Last year, In 2020 the increase was 107%. 

In the infographic we can see data that shows the evolution of the entire week, known as “Black Week”: the days surrounding Black Friday have had a higher demand compared to past campaigns.

We can confirm that the campaign is more spread out and distributed every year, so there are more and more brands that decided to make a whole-month campaign,  despite Black Friday being the highest volume day.

Time with more searches

In 2020 the highest time was between 11 and 12 hours. This year it was between 09 and 11 hours, in general, so well distributed. 

We see again, for the second year in a row, the remote working had a direct impact on this changes in customer behaviour. The power of “now” is more real than ever, we buy as we are working without any doubt or waiting any second.

Searches by device

45 % of product searches were made from mobile devices and 55% from desktop. Device usage trends are stable, although there was a slight increase in M-commerce purchases compared to last year.

Black Friday conversion rates 

It is more noticeable than ever that eCommerce stores experience a spectacular conversion rate increase during these big sales periods. In the case of users who search, the conversion rate increase has been a x2.2 compared to a regular day of this year. 

In Doofinder, we are very excited about the success of the campaign, as our clients have experienced important growth. 

During the sales period it is even more important to take advantage of the functionalities of an advanced search engine to make the most out of it. And we are very happy to say that the service didn’t experience any problems, delivering the best service throughout the entire campaign.

Congratulations to all, and we wish you the best for the rest of the holiday season! 😀