Black Friday: Improve your sales strategy on this important day

Doofinder can help you deal more proactively with Black Friday, without leaving “random” results, offering your customers the most interesting products, with special offers on the occasion of this important date in the world of ecommerce.


In the doofinder admin panel you have commercial tools available, such as “custom results” or “banners”. A combination of these tools will allow you to better serve those users who come to your site looking for offers on Black Friday.

As you know, “custom results” allows you to predefine the results for certain search terms, so that you can show your special offers for the most popular search terms of your online business.

The statistics will allow you to monitor the most searched terms on your website and then focus your campaign on them. You will know, which terms have been the most searched and also, the products that have led the most searches.

You can also combine it with a default banner that will appear for any search term and that, for example, will allow you to link to a special landing page for this day (which we advise you to think about) and even schedule it with dates, which will validate said campaign.

As always, our sales team is available to resolve any queries and help you manage and plan these campaigns better, so do not miss the opportunity to improve your sales through the doofinder search.