Take advantage of the summer to optimize your online store

It is more than likely that the idea of the arrival of the summer period you awakens in you fears as t he drop in visits to your online store and the resulting decline in sales . Good weather, holidays and traditional “terraces” make potential customers devote more time to leisure and socialization and therefore are more reluctant to make purchases.

But in we believe that the summer does not have to be a time of crisis for your e-commerce , but the time to incorporate changes that make your online shop the favorite for customers during the rest of the year.

Do you want to know what improvements you can make in your e-commerce during this time of year? Would you like to know how optimize your online store ? In this post we will tell you.

1. Make the necessary changes to your site

Summer is one of the best times to make improvements to your website. Whether small changes such as the introduction of a new menu or large variations as a total change in the appearance of your store, the summer period will allow you to focus on designing, creating and implementing these changes , so that after the holidays your e-commerce will be prepared for the most busy season of the year: Christmas.

In addition, if you still don’t have a web adapted to all devices don’t miss the opportunity to make the responsive design as more and more users opt for mobile devices to make purchases.

2. Focus your attention on improving your web positioning

Another task you can do in this period when the work level is lower is to enrich your . Do you use the right keywords ? Are the descriptions of your products the best they can be? Are your image titles the most convenient? If not so, take advantage of the summer to optimize the of your page.

3. Enhance the experience of your users in your online store

One of the things consumers value most in an e-commerce is the facility when interacting with it . According to a study published by SumAll , an online store that offers a fast loading , a simple and intuitive product search and a easy and brief method of payment generate far more sales than a site that hinders the task of buying.

If you still don’t have a or don’t know what you should include in your online store, don’t waste your time! Take this time to put your site up to date.

4. Optimize your advertising campaigns

In many cases, the very high workload does not allow spending the hours necessary to introduce the necessary changes in advertising campaigns that make them report higher profits.

That is why summer is a good time to sit calmly with your Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, Facebooks Ads , etc. and decide what changes you must enter to progress in this aspect: your CTR is above 1? Do your campaigns lead to conversions? Are the cost of your ads appropriate?

In addition, you can also rethink your strategy in social networks (remember that in the summer users of these are still very active) and email marketing.

5. Seduce your buyers

One of the most difficult task for a brand is to be in the top positions in the mind of a buyer, but how to get there? The answer is not simple and there is no magic formula to get it but there are clues you can follow to improve day by day.

As Tom Peters states in his book The heart of Branding , brands must submit patents benefits, real reasons to believe in them and express differences .

Use the holiday period to see if your brand is attractive enough for your potential buyers, if you can connect with them and, if not, what you should take to improve in this regard .

Follow this tips and this summer will be the best for your e-commerce

As you see, the summer period means not harm to your online store. Make good use of your time and you will be rewarded after the holidays.