The best ways to increase your online sales for Mother’s Day

There is little less than a month for Mother’s Day and although at Doofinder we have reminded you how to increase sales in your ecommerce, these kind of days offer a perfect opportunity to give your online business a little boost, bring in new customers and retain those who have trusted in your company. Here we leave ten tips to get it:

1.- Power your best products

An easy way to be more profitable is to make products best related to mothers more visible. No matter what you sale, how big you are in the web or whether you don’t have very many clients, for sure some items (because of their characteristics, types, colors, etc.) are better suited to this kind of audience and having them appear at first sight in a search will be essential to see sales increased. Take some time to customize the search results for your website and we guarantee you will be rewarded. If you are a Doofinder customer, just check out the possibilities of offering custom results that will allow you to do it quick and easy and if you’re not yet, try it free now and knows its benefits. free trial doofinder

2.- Make sure your stock is OK

If a potential buyer spends time in your ecommerce to find the perfect gift and when he discovers it it’s no longer available, he probably won’t keep looking in your page and that’s very easy to avoid: check that the volume of stock you have available is right and make sure you can meet all possible demands that you receive in previous days.

3.- Create gift packs

Offer possible combinations of items that make them attractive as gifts or allow buyers to create their own: a perfume will be a much more special gift accompanied by a cream and a scarf, and a book always needs a bookmark. Don’t limit their options, make the designs unique and special and your brand will also be exclusive and inimitable.

4.- Take care of your commerce image

One of the best ways to increase sales is to give your online store a thematic aspect : create banners related to the celebration, employ more emotional images, customize buy buttons, ultimately, make the visitors appreciate the difference and effort on your ecommerce and identify themselves with what they are looking for.

5.- Deals

Discounts, promotions or coupons are something you must be very cautious with, but if used correctly, they can be a very effective way to get new customers and retain those who have ever bought your brand, because words like discount, free or promotion are a great consumer appeal. A discount on specific products or sending a coupon with a special offer at the end of the transaction are details that buyers will appreciate and they will come back to buy it and, also even to recommend your site.

6.- Free Shipping and original packaging

This is essential: if you want to reach more customers you should encourage them by providing fast and free shipping . Delivery within 24 hours, longer periods of refund or free shipping whatever the destination are indispensable elements. If you also decide to create a special packaging for the occasion or facilitate writing a dedication, surely it wont be the last time they visit your site.

7.- Flatter your buyers with a complementary product

For sure there’s a product that you can give to your customers: a sample of a new perfume, a red rose, a small brooch, a chocolate, something that makes you different from your competitors and will facilitate, when they have received your product, for the consumers to want to repeat their shopping experience with you.

8.- Keep an active attitude in social networks

Today an ecommerce has to be present in social networks , because they help getting in touch with potential customers and knowing the new market trends, but it is also very important because they act as a vehicle for information in the opposite direction, making consumers aware of all your news. That is why you should use different profiles to spread your brand’s promotions or discounts you have made for Mother’s Day. Moreover, they are also the best channel to create, for example, contests and raffles which will invite visitors to follow you and be aware of what’s new in your store. Get everyone talking about you.

9.- Customer

On special dates is very important that your customer services give it 100%. When you are looking for a gift for someone that important, you are very picky about what you buy and you wouldn’t want any problem to ruin your day, so if you are aware that you can have a close, operative, efficient and fast treatment in the case of any problem this will be a key point when deciding to buy. Don’t let any customer escape cause of poor caring!

10.- Give thanks

If someone buys your product you must show that you feel grateful for them trusting in your company. To do this, you can send an email on Mother’s Day to those who bought with your promotions, hoping they enjoy with their family and you will certainly generate more frequent customers for your ecommerce. Are you ready for the big day? Don’t waste your time! Follow our advice and you will surely improve your sales.