Doofinder has an OpenCart plugin which works with 1.5+ version.

The plugin will automatically set a data feed for your opencart site for each and every language/currency combination you may have in your site.

Notice: Doofinder offers this module just to help customers to integrate easily. We are not responsible of any issue or unexpected behavior. We also encourage you to contribute and improve the module in our open repository.

Here’s a quick howto.

The Product Feed

In your OpenCart site admin, go to Extensions > Product Feeds (for opencart 1.5) or Extensions > Feeds (for opencart 2) and you will see the Doofinder script settings there.

  • opencart 1.5
opencart 1
  • opencart 2.x
opencart 2.x 1

Click on install and then click on edit. You will see there the URLs for the automatically generated product feeds which are suitable for Doofinder.

You can configure some aspects about how you want your data to be exported:

  • opencart 1.5
opencart 2
  • opencart 2.x
opencart 2.x 2

The Results Layer

Now that you know where your feeds are, and you have customized the way your data is going to be exported, lets look at the results layer.

First, you have to configure the script that needs to go in your page in order to make you search engine box go “live”.

opencart 2.x 3

You can do that in your doofinder’s control panel, going to the Configuration > Installation Scripts section and clicking on the Get the Script! button, in the Doofinder Layer subsection. You need to do this for each search engine you have. Once you do that, you’ll get a script that you can copy.

Now go to the Extensions > Modules section of your OpenCart admin site: you’ll see the doofinder script row.

  • opencart 1.5
opencart 4
  • opencart 2.x
opencart 2.x 4

Click on install and then click on edit. You will see textboxes there to paste the previously generated script.

  • opencart 1.5
opencart 5
  • opencart 2.x
opencart 2.x 5

Notice: You will need a different search engine (and a different script) for each combination of currency/language.

Don’t forget

If you’re using opencart 2.x, you need to tell him where you want your script to be at by going to the Layouts section of your opencart’s admin panel.