15 Voice Search Trends & Statistics for 2024

In 2024, we’re seeing voice search trends take off in exciting new directions, and the numbers are telling a compelling story through voice search statistics. 

This casual stroll through the latest in voice search will uncover how it’s quickly becoming a go-to for tech users everywhere, transforming our digital dialogues and habits. 

From how we shop to how we find information, voice search is reshaping our digital landscape. 

So, let’s get into what’s trending and what the voice search stats say about this online discovery revolution.

15 Voice Search Stats and Trends

1. Booming Voice-Commerce Market

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In 2021, voice-assisted shopping was a burgeoning market at $4.6 billion. Fast forward to 2023, and it surged to an impressive $19.4 billion, with projections of 54% growth into 2024​​.

2. Shopping Through Voice

Voice search is not just for information; it’s a shopping tool. 22% of consumers make direct purchases, and 17% reorder items, showcasing its growing role in e-commerce​​.

3. Voice vs. Typing

The convenience of voice is undeniable, with 71% of users preferring to speak rather than type for online searches​​.

4. Global Adoption of Voice Assistants

By the end of 2024, the use of voice assistants is expected to hit 8.4 billion units, up from 4.2 billion in 2020, indicating a rapid adoption rate across the globe​​.

5. Diverse Uses Across Sectors

In the U.S., voice search is primarily used for checking the weather (75%), playing music (71%), and getting news (64%), demonstrating its versatility​​.

6. Where People Use Voice Search

Voice search is a go-to in solitude, with over 60% of users preferring it when alone, especially at home or with friends​​.

7. Smart Speaker Preferences

Among smart speaker owners, 52% desire information about promotions and deals, highlighting the commercial potential of voice search technology​​.

8. Stable Smart Speaker Market

The smart speaker market in the U.S. has stabilized, with about 25% of households owning a device. Amazon Echo leads the market with a 55% share​​.

9. Expansive Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is on the rise, with transactions potentially reaching $80 billion globally by 2023. Interestingly, 40% of consumers have used voice technology for purchases​​.

10. Voice Search and SEO

Voice search results pages load in 4.6 seconds, and while the answers are brief, they often come from detailed content, indicating specific SEO strategies for voice search optimization​​​​.

11. Local Business and Voice Search

Daily, 46% of voice search users look for local businesses, with 76% using it weekly. This trend underscores the importance of voice in local commerce and search​​​​.

12. Digital Assistants’ Dominance

Google Assistant and Siri each claim 36% of the user base, proving the competitive nature of digital assistant usage​​.

13. Multilingual Voice Search

Google’s speech recognition now supports over 100 languages, catering to a global audience and enhancing accessibility​​.

14. Professional Use of Voice Technology

Voice technology finds utility in professional settings, such as subtitling and customer experience analytics, showcasing its broad applicability​​.

15. Consumer Satisfaction

A high satisfaction rate of 93% with voice assistants reflects their effectiveness and reliability in fulfilling user needs​​.

Voice Search Statistics for 2024

As voice search technology continues to advance, its integration into daily life and business operations becomes increasingly seamless. 

These statistics provide a glimpse into the future, where voice search not only simplifies interactions but also offers significant market opportunities and challenges for SEO strategies. 

The journey of voice search is far from over; it’s just getting started.

Source Credit: The statistics and data in this article come from trusted sources like Statista, Insider Intelligence, Data Reportal, and Census.gov. These sources are known for their accurate and reliable information, which helps ensure the quality of our content.

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