10 Strategies to Generate More Sales Online

Creating a business based on online sales is relatively easy. You just need to buy a domain and get a server to launch your product. However, when the time comes, generating sales can feel a bit like ice skating uphill. That is exactly the reason why we have compiled these 10 strategies that you can start using today for your e-commerce shop in order to help you get your first sale . Don’t skip a word!

1. Implement Good Content Marketing

The sentence “ Content is King ” is an Internet mantra. Search engines reward useful information published regularly (more and more every day). In order to generate more e-commerce sales, do not hesitate to start a blog on your online store or a YouTube channel where you can address all of the problems and doubts related to the product you sell.

2. Use Sales Motivators

There is always an emotion behind a sale and online sales are no exception . You must use language in a way that makes the client feel that they are getting something else – be well being, safety, or a certain status – when buying your product. Apart from that, creating urgency by adding deadlines to buy certain products with a discount will also increase your sales. If you want to master sales, you need to master copywriting.

3. Take SEO Seriously

Your first sale will never come if you don’t get into one of the first positions on Google, since it is the first place where we all go when we want to buy online . An SEO strategy for e-commerce should include keywords research, an analysis of competitors, good on-page optimization, and adequate linkbuilding. Including an internal search engine such as Doofinder is also a good idea in order to improve client experience and Google Analytics data. Plus, you can try it for free now!

4. Appear in the Comparison Shopping Engines

Google Shopping , Shopzilla , and NexTag are ideal sites for generating sales because of their huge amounts of traffic. Just by uploading a CSV file with your product’s name, price, and the website link, you can be included on them. The main disadvantage is that they charge you every time a visitor clicks your ad, but if you can find the appropriate Comparison Shopping Engine for your product, the benefits will easily outweigh the investment.

5. Register with Google Places

If your online shop also sells offline in a physical shop, you can register your address and contact information to be added to Google Places for free. Your first sale could come from traffic through this channel , just like before with the Yellow Pages, so make sure you include descriptions, pictures, and other clients’ reviews.

6. Get in Touch with the Best

There is nothing to boost your sales like getting in touch with the leaders in your sector, which is why you should identify them, analyze their trajectory, and maintain close bonds with them. You can interview them, get their testimonial, or write a guest post for them by creating content for their blogs. You will automatically increase your presence and secure a good flow of traffic.

7. Participate in Related Forums

Forums are some of the best places to sell online due to their high specialization . There are places where you can find an ultra-segmented audience, eager to have all of their doubts resolve. Create links, be useful and, with patience, users will end up trusting you to spend their money.

8. Be Responsive

Purchases from smartphones or tablets has increased exponentially in the past few years. It is essential for your website to have a responsive design so the content can adapt to every device. By doing so, clients can make purchases comfortably from any of these devices and not only from their computers.

9. Get your own Affiliates

Having affiliates works really well for online sales. You just give them a small commision in exchange for recommending your products , so they actually sell for you. Although it is true that you are diverting your profits, this system can be really beneficial if you can motivate your members enough for them to convince their audiences to buy. You can use platforms like Commission Junction to create you own affiliate program.

10. Socialize

Last but not least, you cannot forget about your social media presence . Create your business sites and analyze them to learn which ones are really sending traffic your way . Just being present on a social network will only mean a waste of time and effort. It is important to analyze where exactly your ideal clients can be found.

Ready to get that first sale?

That’s all in terms of advice. Now it’s time to get to work on generating sales . The first sale might play hard to get , but by using some of these tricks it will come sooner or later. And you, how many of these strategies do you already use? Which one are you thinking of trying first?