Top Social Commerce Platforms (2023)

Social commerce has become an increasingly popular method for businesses to reach customers and drive sales.

With the global social commerce market expected to exceed $1 trillion in 2023, it’s crucial to understand which social commerce platforms consumers use the most.

This article highlights the top social commerce platforms in the United States in 2023, based on recent analysis and consumer trends.

What are the top social commerce platforms in 2023?


Top Social Commerce Platforms in 2023:

  1. Facebook:
    • With an estimated 65.7 million people expected to make purchases through the platform, Facebook dominates as the leading social commerce platform in the US. It is also the most popular social media network, used by 74.2% of the US adult population.
  2. Instagram:
    • Owned by Meta, the same parent company as Facebook, Instagram ranks second in social commerce platforms. It is projected that 43 million US consumers will make purchases through Instagram in 2023, with an annual increase of 4.9%. The number of shoppers on Instagram is expected to grow further, reaching 49.7 million by 2026.
  3. TikTok:
    • Rising to third place, TikTok has experienced significant growth in social buyers, surpassing Pinterest. In 2023, approximately 33.3 million US consumers are forecasted to make purchases through TikTok. This marks a remarkable 73% increase from the previous year.
  4. Pinterest:
    • Despite being overtaken by TikTok, Pinterest remains a popular social commerce platform. It is expected that 16.9 million US consumers will make purchases through Pinterest in 2023.

The future outlook for social commerce platforms:

  • Facebook is predicted to continue leading the social commerce landscape, with an estimated 71.1 million shoppers on the platform by 2026.
  • Instagram’s popularity as a social commerce platform is set to grow, with projections of 49.7 million shoppers on the platform by 2026.
  • TikTok’s rapid rise in social buyers is expected to continue, with further growth in the number of shoppers on the platform.
  • Pinterest will continue to be a relevant social commerce platform, although its growth may be more modest compared to other platforms.

When it comes to social commerce platforms in the United States in 2023, Facebook takes the top spot, followed by Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. These platforms offer businesses significant opportunities to engage with customers and drive sales.

Understanding consumer behavior on these platforms and tailoring marketing strategies accordingly can lead to successful social commerce endeavors. As the social commerce market continues to expand, businesses should consider leveraging these platforms to maximize their reach and increase revenue.

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