[Perfume and cosmetics marketing] The 7 best sales strategies for your online perfume shop

Do you have an online perfume shop?

Then you should know that it’s a type of ecommerce that’s growing. People are ordering more and more perfume and cosmetics products online each and every day.

Which means more competition.

And there’s only one thing you can do to stand out and attract clients: design a good online marketing strategy for your shop.

In this post, we’re showing you the marketing strategies that work best for online perfume and cosmetics shops in 2019. Here are all the tips so that your ecommerce really stands out from the crowd!

Let’s get started.

Why you should have an online shop window for your perfume or cosmetics shop

According to a study by IAB Spain 2018, online perfume shops’ sales increased by 35% with respect to the previous year. That’s quite a high figure, isn’t it?

That’s why it should come as no surprise that more and more people are selling perfumes and cosmetics online. However, if you really want to be successful, you need to think about the following before you get started:

  • What do perfume, make-up, or lotions buyers need?
  • Why are they going to choose you instead of their local physical shop?
  • What can you offer that others can’t?

There’s no easy answer to those questions, but what we can tell you is that online shoppers always look for:

  • Savings: Cosmetics ecommerce shops can offer prices up to 70% lower than those in physical shops (besides the opportunity to compare prices in different online shops).
  • Convenience: It’s the ease of looking for a product from different catalogs, with no time restrictions, and delivered to your doorstep, sometimes within 24 hours.
  • Comprehensive information: In addition to knowing each product’s characteristics, you can check other buyers’ opinions and reviews, which can help you make the final decision.

These are the three main attributes that your cosmetics business should offer, but the problem is that just offering these three isn’t enough (it’s just the starting point).

You need to use different marketing strategies to help differentiate your shop from your competitors and attract the greatest number of clients.

Pay attention to what comes next.

The 7 best digital marketing strategies for online perfumes and cosmetics shops

It’s important to know that selling cosmetics products online is more difficult than selling any other product online:

  • How can you promote perfume or make-up products that are completely subjective and depend on each person’s likes?
  • How can you explain the scent of a specific perfume to convince buyers without trying it?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to explain now!

1. Emphasize your product’s attributes

Perfumes are normally chosen because of the characteristics they represent more so than their scent.

Your client will buy a perfume depending on the feelings it transmits. Since they can’t smell it, they’ll value the more relevant characteristics.

That’s why you should write your product cards taking into account these 2 factors:

  • The characteristics that can describe the scent: the aromatic notes, the ingredients, where it’s made, and so on.
  • The emotions and feelings that they transmit: seduction, elegance, power, rebellion, magnetism, etc.

This way, they’ll know if they’re buying the right perfume for themselves. And the same also applies to creams and make-up.

How can you emphasize the characteristics of a product so that your ideal client buys it? ➡️ Hitting their specific pain points, as we explained in this post.

Don’t know how to write a product card so that it works? ➡️ Read this post where we explain it in detail.

2. Use a search engine to make buying easier for your clients

In any physical shop, clients would go directly to the shop assistant to ask for specific information about a product.

Most perfume buyers are looking for a specific brand or perfume.

Actually, the top 3 most sought after brands are:

  • Creed
  • The ordinary
  • Mancera

If you already know this, why don’t you take advantage and use it to stand out from your competitors?

By using Doofinder (our professional search engine), clients only need to type the brand name or the perfume they are looking for and they’ll automatically be shown:

  • Products: with images of all the perfumes from that brand.
  • Categories: which they can even filter by price.
  • Offers: if they are activated for that product or category.

Have a look at how it works on the website from our client Just My Look:


Do you speak the same language as your clients?

It may sound silly, but it’s not.

Imagine someone enters your shop and types “lip rouge” in your normal search engine. Despite having lots, the results page shows that there aren’t any.

What happened?

You categorized them by “lipstick”.

That’s why a normal search engine won’t find it. And there are even more synonyms for similar products, such as “lip gloss”, that they could use (and that your search engine won’t recognize).

Again, this can also happen with other products such as mascara, eye liner, foundation, and so on.

However, with a professional search engine such as Doofinder, you can type several synonyms for each product without having to change the descriptions.

Here you have an example. Have a look at what happens just by typing “lips”:

They show you all the products related to that part of the face. 😉

Want to check out how this search engine (that increases sales 25-30% on average) really works?

Click here and try Doofinder free for 30 days.

3. Specialize in a specific niche

Important: if you want your online business to be successful, you need to specialize.

There are many entrepreneurs who want to “sell to everybody” when they first start out. That’s like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Without a specific audience, it’s impossible to establish a strategy that works. If you try to satisfy too many people with different likes and criteria, you’ll end up failing everyone.

However, if you focus on a specific niche, it’ll be way easier to get to know your buyer persona (ideal client) and meet their needs.

Here you have some examples about specific niches:

  • Perfumes for women or colognes for men
  • Eco-friendly make-up not tested on animals
  • Equivalent perfumes (“mocks”)
  • High-profile cosmetics brands

Choose the one you’re most interested in and study the profitability (and the competition). Focus on it and don’t try to sell to everyone – you’ll get better results that way. 😉

4. Harness your happy clients’ testimonies

We already know that choosing this type of product is a very subjective decision and it’s difficult to explain a smell or a lipstick’s benefits.

What can you do?

Highlight the social proof in your online perfume shop.

A social proof in marketing is showing users clear evidence that their buying decision is backed by other clients like them.

That’s to say, posting other users’ opinions about your products on your website may lead another new client to make a purchase.

5. Create a YouTube channel

Video content is the king of the Internet, and the king of videos is YouTube.

YouTube is a decisive factor for 47% of the transactions carried out in the perfumes and cosmetics sector according to a study by Expansion.com

Having a specific channel through which you offer value for your potential customers is the best way to create engagement and to attract qualified traffic that can lead to sales.

You can talk about beauty tips or any other topic related to your sector and your ecommerce products.

Extra tip: You can also use influencers for your YouTube marketing strategy.

According to this study by CominCrea, cosmetic and perfumes buyers are always looking for important people’s opinions. That’s why it’d be great if you could have a famous youtuber on your channel to reinforce your brand.

If you decide to go with this strategy, learn how to choose influencers for your brand in this post.

6. Carry out a contest on your social networks

As you already know, social networks are a great way to communicate with your audience, especially if you have an online shop.

That’s why you should put effort into them and boost your brand awareness by creating a community of followers around it.

Contests or raffles are an easy way to get new followers in addition to generating traffic for your online store.

In order to create one, just follow these ease steps:

  • Define the contest’s objective: It could be making your shop known or sending traffic to your ecommerce.
  • Segment properly: The contest audience must be your shop’s audience so that they can become clients.
  • Choose the right prize: A product from your perfume or cosmetics shop (because it’s your sector) would be the normal thing to do, but it’s not mandatory. It should be something attractive to your buyer persona (if it’s not, they won’t participate).
  • Explain how to participate: Clients need to clearly know how to participate. Don’t overcomplicate it – the best way is just something like, “To participate, just ‘like’ our Facebook page and leave a comment saying which perfume most represents you.”

With this easy action, you’ll generate awareness of your shop among many potential clients who, from now on, will be following you on social media.

 7. Offer discounts

Who doesn’t like a good bargain?

Discounts are powerful weapons to foster your buyers’ loyalty, but don’t offer them just because – do so with a clear goal in mind:

  • Discount in exchange for a subscription: so you can get their email address (and add it to your email marketing strategy).
  • Discount after completing a sale: to be used on the next one (and you foster their loyalty).
  • Discount after writing an opinion or review: to increase your social proof (for new clients).

Just be careful – discounts should still be profitable for you (so be sure to check your profit margins).

Are you ready to sell more with your online perfume and cosmetics business?

All the actions explained in this post are easy to apply, so you can start using them now.

Get to work and stand out from your competition!